Golf course

The course is designed in such a way that the game will bring joy to players of different levels. For good players, some holes are a clear challenge for birdies, but they can also easily raise adrenaline. On the other hand, the beginners are not stressed by the course, but it is nice that after the more difficult hole the next one is definitely easier. The favorable rating of the "Nine" in horizon gives everyone a chance to win a good result, improve their handicap, and take a pleasant experience from us.

There is a driving range, chip & putt, clubhouse with refreshments and a golf shop - where you can buy quality golf equipment from the companies Olyo, Callaway, Wilson - sticks, sets, bags, carts, shoes, accessories. On the near terrace, you can enjoy a pleasant time with a view of the tee and part of the fairway of hole No. 1.

Description of holes

Hole nr. 1/10 - PAR 4, HCP 5/6

The tee for men and women starts in the immediate vicinity of the clubhouse and offers players and onlookers a unique experience of watching the tee all the way to the green. The length of M 161m and F 140m is quite difficult at PAR 3 and it is one of the most difficult holes on the course. The fairway is initially relatively narrow between the fences on both sides before the green is slightly expanding, but what raises concern are nearby trees and shrubs as well as fairway bunker. Therefore, the straight first shot is a must

Hole nr. 2/11 - PAR 3, HCP 15/16

The shortest hole on the pitch, length M 116 m, W 107 m. It requires a single shot on the green or in its immediate vicinity, as there is a lake in play, directly between the tee and the putting green. In addition, the situation is made more difficult by an elevated tee, which complicates the estimation of the wound length, but on the other hand, it helps the trajectory of the flight to be higher and thus the ball bounces shorter. Only a really unsuccessful top has a chance to end before a water hazard, but even then you will not be able to resist playing over the water. Mental stability will play a major role here.

Hole nr. 3/12 - PAR 4, HCP 7/8

Relatively wide fairway uphill, after about 200 m turn to the right. You can play by a driver, but it is necessary to take into account outs on both sides. Two fairway bunkers at impact level on the right. However, if the first shot succeeds above its level, a relatively lighter second shot around 130 m remains. A shorter first shot will require you to play the second over the border of the right out. Green is protected by a bunker on the hill on the right. Length M 356 m, W 312 m.

Hole nr. 4/13 - PAR 4, HCP 17/18

It is played down the hill, the fairway bends right before the green. Every flat shot has a chance to roll to the fair distance of the green. Anyone who can play from a tee of about 250 m will get to the green level thanks to the fairway slope and can attack birdies. However, you can drown a very long drive in the pond. Green protected by 2 bunkers in a row. Length M 297 m, F 267 m.

Hole nr. 5/14 - PAR 4, HCP 9/10

The third three-pair to the slightly elevated green, on the right is about a third of the distance to the hole pond in the game again, left before the green bunker, on the right dense bushes and safety net. Fairway is clear and relatively wide, low greenery was significantly reduced in early 2012. The choice of a club will certainly be influenced by the strength and direction of the wind, length M 157 m, F 145 m.

Hole nr. 6/15 - PAR 4, HCP 9/10

The new PAR 5, which does not arouse respect by its length, but by the curve of its fairway. The first straight shot at a distance of about 160 - 180 meters is a necessity because on the inside of the out left and the safety net does nothing else. Behind the net, the fairway expands, but grown trees can complicate the next game. Out on the left ends at the upper edge of the forest nursery, on the right begins at about 140 m from the tee and stretches to the green. For the second shot, the fairway is already expanding and rising, turning slightly to the right at the horizon. A very long drive through the protection net on the left is very risky but will allow a birdie attack. In any case, the second shot should be pointed towards the middle or slightly to the left of the fairway to avoid the fairway bunker at the level of the impact and not have to play through trees and cars. Green is protected by a deeper banker on the right. Length M 390 m, F 360 m.

Hole nr. 7/16 - PAR 4, HCP 3/4

Long downhill four-par. From the tee on the highest point of the course is a beautiful view of the surroundings and with a good position, you can see the flag. Aim the drive either over the large bunker or just to the right of it. Watch out for the inner out on the left, starting at the mentioned bunker and ending behind the green. Fairway after the bunker turns slightly to the left, and the following second shot 100-150 m to the green from the hills it is necessary to play with caution so that the ball does not end up in out behind the green. It is protected by a bunker on the right. Length M 357 m, F 320 m.

Hole nr. 8/17 - PAR 5, HCP 1/2

The longest hole on the pitch, a double dogleg, and a second five-pair. Tricky to drive can be especially out on the right, formed by a fence as a border of the golf course. Fairway goes uphill, there are 3 bunkers at the drive level. If you hit a sufficiently long shot, the second shot follows somewhere within 50-100 m of the green. Point it slightly to the left, as the fairway is sloping right down to the fence, and bouncing the ball could uncomfortably complicate the starting position to attack the green with a third shot. The trees in front of the green are still small, but they will soon be a noticeable obstacle. Of course, a very good player will attack the green with the second shot and strive for a birdie. Be careful about the position of the hole, green is a two-stage. If you overblow, you are in a water hazard, on the other hand, there are 2 bunkers in front of the green. Length M 413 m, F 358 m.

Hole nr. 9/18 - PAR 4, HCP 13/14

Not particularly difficult downhill four par, you can see the flag from the tee, in its direction at the point of impact you can end up in a bunker, which is almost in the middle of the fairway. Therefore, it is better to aim slightly to the right. The second shot around 100 m then you go directly to the green, where you will torment out in the form of a fence behind it. Also, the bunker under the green (from hole 1) plays a big role here and catches all the lost balloons. Length M 307m, F 261 m.

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