Operating regulations

Operating regulations

valid from 1st January 2018

I. Operating regulations and etiquette

The Club’s Operating regulations stipulates basic obligations of the club, which our visitors must adhere to in order to keep in with the safety and satisfaction of all concerned. Every golfer (inc. club members), caddy, onlooker, or even passers-by are considered visitors.

Golf Resort Horehledy consists of golf course, practice greens and a club house. Responsible person is the Club’s president, managers, marshal, referee, instructor, greenkeeper, receptionist, members of the Board and the inspection committee.

II. Running of the Resort

You can visit our resort in the opening hours. 

Opening hours are normally 8am to 8pm. 

Opening hours are subject to change depending on current weather conditions and the season. You can find up to date information on our website or by phoning the reception.

Last admissions are at 7:30pm (June-September). 

Responsible person may restrict or prevent entry onto the course on the grounds of health & safety. Responsible person may restrict or prevent entry because of partner events. The information about it will be on websites ahead. 

The game of golf may be taught within the grounds only by GC Horehledy own tutor or by sub-contracting instructor. 

Showing the golf game to audience is possible after agreement of responsible person. 

It is forbiden to go againts the direction of the game on 1. hole. For save passage to clubhouse or tee use marked paths. Danger of ingury!

III. Visitor’s responsibilities

Visitor is obliged to respect golf etiquette. 

Every visitor has to report themselves at the reception. 

Visitor, who is not a golfer or golfer’s companion, is not allowed to enter the golf course. If they do so, it is at their own risk. 

All visitors using the practice greens or the course must be dressed appropriately. By inappropriate clothing we understand strappy tops, jeans, trainers etc. By inappropriate footwear we understand shoes without soft sole or spikes. If visitor does not respect the dress code, any of the responsible persons may ask him/her to leave, without refund. 

The use of any other club then putter on the practice green is not allowed. 

Picking up the golf balls by visitors is strictly prohibited. 

Dogs are allowed only on a lead and under supervision. Children must also be under supervision at all times. 

The childrens has to be watched all the time. 

In the case of a storm approaching, visitors are obligated to leave the course and practice greens for their own safety. The same applies in the case of a sound signal.

Violation of house rules may result in:

Immediate exclusion from the game
No entry to the driving range for one year
Cancellation of membership
Informing the CGF (Czech Golf Federation)

IV. Golfer’s responsibilities

Golfer is obliged to follow golf etiquette and respect other golfers. 

Every golfer must have a valid fee tag attached to their golf bag, in plain sight, obtained at the reception after registration. The use of the course and practice greens is allowed only after registration and payment of appropriate fees. Golfer must be able to prove that they have been allowed on the course - with a valid fee card, at any point through their game. In other case they may be evicted from the game without refund. 

Club members prove themselves with a valid membership card. 

Golfer has to adhere to the tee off time. If golfer is delayed more than five minutes they lose their right to play at their reserved time. The only exception is a delay caused by player(s) starting back nine. Player(s) starting a back nine has/have precedence over player(s) starting a front nine. 

Interupting the game because of weather conditions or without the responsible persons approval will cause the lost of game order. 

Golfer and golfer’s company enter the course in their own risk. 

Only a golfer with HCP 54 or lower can play independently. Player without HCP may play the course only after consultation with a responsible person and in a company of a handicapper 36 or lower. The group cannot be made up of non- handicappers only. 

All golfers using the practice greens or the course must be dressed appropriately. By inappropriate clothing we understand strappy tops, jeans, trainers etc. By inappropriate footwear we understand shoes without soft sole or spikes. If visitor does not respect the dress code, any of the responsible persons may ask him/her to leave, without refund. 

Golfer is to use a tee-off of their own category If not stated otherwise. 

Golfer is to respect, obey local rules and behave accordingly to prevent any possible damage to the course equipment. 

Golfer is to repair any chunks, divots, bunkers etc. and carry a repair tool. The use of buggies is not allowed on the short cut areas, greens and tee-offs or where stated by a sign. Buggies are to be driven only by persons over 15 years of age. 

Practice shots are not allowed on the tee-offs and greens. 

Collecting golf balls other than the player’s own is not allowed. If golfer finds someone else’s ball they should let the other player(s) know, picking up the ball only to identify it. Otherwise go by the rule 20-7b and 20-7c. 

Use of driving range balls outside the designated practice area is not allowed. In case of breeching this rule responsible person may interrupt/end the player’s game with no refund. 

The game must be commenced on the first hole, after registration, not the third hole (Driving range). 

No entry into the driving range field, marked by white stakes. 

Golfer must adhere to the game speed and to agreed precedencies, as per rules. The time limit for 9 holes is 2hrs 15mins. Golfer can be asked to speed up their game, in case they are deemed too slow for the time limit. If this continues, player may be asked to skip a hole or be evicted from the game. Player(s) are obliged to let faster players in front of them, If that hole is not being played. 

Golfer must clear the green straight after putting. 

Players must follow the rules of golf, rules of etiquette and good manners, rules of operation and GCH local rules, guidelines of Marshal and other personnel department. Failure to comply may result in immediate expulsion from the game without claim for fees and entry fees, or disciplinary proceedings.

V. Operating rules of Driving range and other practice greens

Driving range is a practice area designated for practicing of the game of golf.
Other practice facilities are chipping and putting green, used for practicing of the short game.
Whilst in the vicinity of practice areas, golfer/visitor must respect the rules and etiquette of golf just the same as If they were on the course.
Visitors/golfers must make sure basic health and safety rules are respected.
Visitors/golfers must respect others within the facilities, refrain of loud conversation and phone calls.

VI. Visitors are obliged to

Make sure their swing is safe.
Keep their shots within the driving range field.
Listen to responsible persons.
Repair the pitch marks on practise green.
Keep practice area clean and tidy.
Use own balls and designated club (putter) within the practice greens.

VII. It is prohibited within the practice areas to

Enter under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
Tee off of other areas then the ones designated for it.
Collect used balls for second shot.
Use driving balls on the practice greens.
Walk into the line of fire & the driving range field.
Damage or remove the Driving range equipment.
Remove hired equipment from the property and its vicinity.
Remove driving balls from the Driving range.
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