Golf Training

Everyone is capable of playing golf, but still, there are some specifics that are best explained by professionals. Either if you are a complete beginner who’s just keen to try it out or an experienced golfer, who is struggling with certain techniques, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced trainers who will suggest the best solutions for you.

The training ground represents a driving range with a length of 300 m. There are 10 spacious launching boots, of which 6 are covered. There is also a comfortable area for training shots directly from grass, in the vicinity of which you will find enough obstacles to practice a short pass to the green, including a bunker. 2023 novelty is the Explanar professional swing plane training aid.

All training courses and lessons are booked through reception

For kids

Golf Club Hořehledy chose youth support as one of its main goals in 2006. In conducting regular training and developing the skills of young players we see the meaning of our work and investment. Therefore, in 2014 we were one of the first to join the new project ČGF School on Golf, and so we intensively cooperate with nearby schools, where we weekly organize golf trainings. In the same way, we train children directly on our golf course.

In our childrens golf club, we not only teach young kids the rules and system of golf but also learn about fair play, moral values, and cooperation. We always try to find a direct link between sport competition and normal life. In 2020, after several years of monitoring and testing, we have professionalized our training system, using advanced modern technologies such as an online training diary, an online training agenda accessible to coaches, children, and parents to develop children.

The culmination of working with young people is the emerge of the Pinďa Cup golf tour in 2010 - several tournaments spread throughout the season, where children compete for cups and small prizes. Individual tournaments are placed in clubs in West Bohemia and players from other clubs are invited to participate. Children have a comparison and deepen their ability to work together. Every year we organize a summer golf camp for smaller and beginner golfers. For advanced and representative youth players we organize a summer training camp focused on individual game aspects, game psychology and individuality of a player.

Martin Kopčák (, 775 012 892) is the lead coordinator of childrens training, including the registration of newcomers, do not hesitate to contact him with your questions.

Price list

Mebership Price
Member 2000 Kč
Non-Member 4000 Kč


Day Beginners Advanced *
Monday 16:00 – 18:00 Kopčák 16:00 – 18:00 Kopčák
Friday 17:00 – 19:00 Kopčák 17:00 – 19:00 Čelikovský
Saturday --- 16:00 – 17:30 Čelikovský
* - player is capable to attend "advance" training only with M. Kopčák decission
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For beginners

Are you attracted to golf? Do you want to try it out, but do not know how? Have you heard how your friends and acquaintances are interested in it? Would you like to know why it takes tens of minutes to know all the experiences they have gained during a single training round on the pitch? These courses are intended for those who have not yet entered the world of golf but would like to do so and find out what the beauty of the sport is.

Play golf change life

An ideal way to reach golf and find out as much information as possible about it. A certified coach will take you in a buggy on the golf course, talk about the history and present of the golf environment, get acquainted with the pricing conditions of this sport and of course you will try it out. And then you can decide if you will continue to improve your technique, for example, by obtaining a "Play Field Certificate".

2 × 1,5 training hours including rent of golf balls and golf clubs - 299 Kč

Become a golfer

You enjoy golf, but you want to know how to play it properly and above all - to play it on any course. In order to do this, it is necessary to obtain a Certificate for playing on the course, which the majority of the golfers will not call otherwise than the Green Card. After completing the course to get it, the player receives his own handicap and becomes a full-fledged golfer!

We try to organize courses individually according to the possibilities of each player, they also include entrances to the course accompanied by a coach, lending the necessary equipment and training balls.

Golf training price list

Adult6 500 Kč/playerca 12 hours
Student (till 25 years)4 500 Kč/player
Senior (over 65 years)4 500 Kč/player
Play golf change life participant5 500 Kč/player
Just Green card test1 800 Kč/player1 lesson

The course includes approximately 12 (depending on the number of players in the group) training lessons, rental of clubs and unlimited rental of practice balls, access to the course accompanied by a coach, exam to obtain HCP 54.

Description of the course content

Lesson nr. Description
1. lesson Introduction to the theory (theory, history, rules, technique, equipment, ethics).
2. lesson Practical demonstrations of playing techniques and practice of basic techniques - putting, chipping, short iron play.
3. lesson Improvement of style and correction of possible mistakes and training of basic techniques - pitching. Introduction to the game with a medium iron.
4. lesson Training of basic techniques - chipping, pitching, short iron play and medium iron play.
5. lesson Rules of golf - lessons and consultations.
6. lesson Continued training, playing from the sand barrier.
7. lesson Improvement of style and correction of mistakes, continuation of training - playing with long iron and wood.
8. lesson Repetition of basic techniques, preparation for the game.
9. lesson First game on the field - movement on the field, rules in practice.
10. lesson Repeating basic techniques, improving style and correcting mistakes in preparation for the game.
11. lesson Practical exam - playing on the field, theory test.
12. lesson Announcement of results, presentation of certificates (HCP 54).

Individual lessons

There will be a moment in the life of every golfer when something goes wrong. When the shots do not listen, the game from sand fails, putts are going away from the hole, etc. Take advantage of the professional expertise of our trainers and improve individual aspects of your game.

In individual lessons, we can also help with advanced gaming skills such as shot shaping, course management, detailed explanation of the rules including practical demonstrations, wood games, including the involvement of video analysis of your shots.

Ceník lekcí (55 minut)

Players1 player2 players3-4 players
Lesson price - club trainer/ PGA trainer450 Kč */ 550 Kč *700 Kč */ 900 Kč *900 Kč */ 1200 Kč *

* - GCHOR members have 20 % discount

Only Green Card exam includes the issue of a certificate of competence: 1800 Kč
(non-member of GCHOR pays an extra fee for 9 holes according to the current price list)


Mgr. Karel Čelikovský, LL.M.
golf referee

Karel Čelikovský is a man of many faces - a lawyer, a ski instructor, and since 2006 a highly valued and sought after trainer II. class and golf referee.

He is also a champion of the Golf Club Hořehledy in both shot play and hole play. Mgr. Čelikovský is also a member of the Board of the Czech Chamber of Golf Instructors and works in the Czech Golf Federation and therefore has direct access to the latest methods and styles of instruction, which he quickly transfers to his colleagues within our coaching team.

It is difficult to cover the full range of the instructors teaching, but the main areas include comprehensive golf game instruction from beginner to advanced, course management, golf psychology, fitness lessons, special techniques, etc.

Martin Kopčák
general manager

Martin Kopčák fell in love with golf in 2010 and since February 2011 he has been the general manager of the PilsnerGolf Resort Hořehledy. Thanks to his enthusiasm, he became a II. class referee (historically first in Hořehledy), golf coach and certified marshal.

He applies his experience in this way mainly in acquainting golfers and in introductory lessons of courses to obtain a green card, where he emphasizes the correct understanding and application of golf rules. He is also in charge of childrens and youth golf in Hořehledy.

In 10 years in Hořehledy he introduced golf to hundreds of adults and thousands of children, he leads golf trainings both on the course and in gyms of nearby schools.

Jirka Simonek
Jiří Šimonek

Jiří Šimonek nicknames himself a golf accountant, due to his work focus. He immerses in golf in 2015 after looking for a replacement for football, which he had to stop playing for health reasons. Golf has since then plays major role in his free time.

He spent his first two golf seasons under coach Jan Lískovec in Kestřany. Subsequently, he discovered our golf resort on the other side of Brdy mountains, and since than it is his second home. After 6 years of playing golf, he has reached his HI level 5 and still intends to improve it.

In 2020, after successfully completing the exams, he became a coach of CGF III. class. In 2021, he decided to join the PGA Czech Republic education system with the aim of becoming a professional golf coach in 3 years. In the future, he would like to help his golf students, among other things, with course management and the overall strategy of the game.

He is also the guarantor of Golf Club Hořehledy for issuing a Certificate for playing on a golf course.

Michal Vrba

Michal has been playing golf since 2016. At that time, he was fascinated by the game as a college student and within two years he pushed his HCP below 20. In 2018, he transformed his enthusiasm for this wonderful sport into recieving the golf trainer III. certification class and began to help with the training of children and youth in Golf Club Hořehledy.

Over the following years, he became an important part of our coaching team and continues to improve his knowledge. For example, by obtaining a referee's license III. class in the spring of 2022.

Michal is also in charge of our regular summer golf camp and is a member of the wider staff of the Golf Club Hořehledy in the adult category.

Tereza Blažková

Miss Tereza Blažková fell in love with golf seven years ago thanks to her grandmother and immediately gained a great reputation in it. Her HCP is currently just below 10, and we will soon see a further reduction, despite the fact that Tereza has recently been intensively studying mainly university.

In addition to golf, she also focuses on floorball, which she plays for Prague Bohemians and is one of the great hopes of this sport. With her twin sister, they are in charge of the smallest golf hopes of the Golf Club Hořehledy, especially by preparing regular childrens tournaments Pinďa Cup and a childrens golf camp.

But for quality speak mainly actions. So Tereza is a legitimate and quality trainer, among other things, speaks of winning the Club Champion titles from 2010, 2012 and 2013 seasons or participating in the national qualifying round for the Amateur World Championship. Of course, we can be sure that a lot of trophies and successes are still waiting for her.

Barbora Blažková

Barbora Blažková has been a member of the Golf Club Hořehledy since 2006. She started with a golf club in her childs training and from the youngest newcomer she worked her way up to pass on her experience to both children and adults.

And that has something to convey - Bára is a multiple champion of the club (2008, 2009 and 2014), participated in the nationwide round of qualification at the World Golfers Championship. In 2009 she successfully completed training for judge III. class and a year later also a golf instructor course. At the same time, she highly values every victory over her sister Teresa.

The golf course in Hořehledy highlights the friendly environment and individual approach to each visitor. If she is not playing, training or preparing tournaments on the golf course, she, like her sister, is studying college or playing floorball, which she play for the extra league team FbŠ Bohemians.

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